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Laser surface cleaning (de-rusting, de-painting and de-oxidizing), is a green, non-contact, efficient and low-cost substitute for conventional cleaning processes such as chemical cleaning or sand blasting.
Print metal parts directly. Selective Laser Melting based on the powder bed system is suitable for fine and complex metal parts such as parts with inner channels. For large-size metal parts, thin-wall structures and hybrid manufacturing, Direct Laser Forming based on a powder-feeding system is a good choice.
Laser Re-manufacturing

  Laser cleaning

Laser Additive Equipment

3D printing

Laser remanufacturing repairs expensive parts and equipments at a reasonable cost, or extends parts' service life by adding protective surface layer to the original parts. It is a green, efficient manufacturing method standing for high-quality products.
Series of laser additive systems developed by Huirui can fit in various industrial environments to deliver rapid manufacturing and repair service for high value-added metal parts. Our patented process control modules and certified materials are highly recommended options.

  Leading technology

Fills the domestic blank with industrial laser additive manufacturing

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More than 70% of the research team has Master or PhD degree

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Quick response to field repair needs with our integrated mobile repair system

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Service base throughout the country to provide convenient one-stop solutions for customers

Huirui independently developed products to meet the needs of various industries. Laser is stable, continuous and controllable. It can be processed in a wide range of environments. It is suitable for repairing high value-added metal parts under various working conditions. It is widely used in aviation, hydropower, metallurgy and other industries.
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Huirui Group, founded in 2015 with a registered capital of 60 million Yuan, is a national high-tech enterprise established by state-introduced high-level talents from overseas. The headquarter of Huirui is in Jiangning District, Nanjing.



Huirui Group has subsidiaries in Shanghai, Chengdu, Zhuzhou, Hangzhou, Xi'an, and Seattle in USA, including R&D centers and service bases. Huirui’s service covers the whole country.