About Huirui

Founded in 2015, Huirui Group is a national high-tech enterprise established by the state-introduced high-level talent from overseas. It is registered with a capital of 60 million Yuan and headquartered in Jiangning District, Nanjing. With the belief in green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, the company is committed to the development of industrial-grade laser metal additive manufacturing technology, providing our industrial clients with customised equipments and services for rapid manufacturing and additive repair of high-performance metal parts.


Technical advantages

Our technical team has long been dedicating in development and applications of laser metal additive manufacturing technology. The company master​s the core technology of laser material  processing. A large data base of laser processing various high-performance alloys has been built based on a vast of application needs from many different industrial fields. So far, our complete set of metal additive manufacturing system has successfully provided repair service to metal parts from various industries, such as aviation, hydropower, rail transit, mold industry and engineering machinery. Our key products such as the mobile laser cladding equipment MobiMRO® the general-purpose laser cladding equipment iLAM® the ultra-high-speed laser cladding equipment UHS-iCoating®, the laser cleaning equipment iCleaning®, the laser cladding closed-loop feedback system imageSense®, the automated repair software Scanpath® are at the forefront of the industry. Based on the above, the company will focus on the research and development of digital manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing technology and the manufacturing platform construction. Huirui Group has 4 national high-tech enterprises, more than 80 patents and software works, ranking the top in peer competitors. 


Hui Rui Mission

Huirui firmly believes that superb manufacturing technology should drive the limit of material usage, and satisfy human beings' pursuit of a better life while saving energy and resources for our society.


The company's name "Hui Rui" means that we never stop innovation in the technology development of laser advanced manufacturing for high-performance metal products. We are eager to become the leader in China's metal additive manufacturing industry to contribute a little to the revitalization of national industry and prosperity of “Made in China”.​ 


Enterprise spirit

Pragmatic, excellence, wisdom, innovation


Huirui people have pragmatic attitude of doing things,  craftsman spirit of being excellent. We provide our customers with wise solutions. We keep moving on with sustainable innovations.


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